'Cremation Jewellery, filled with tiny portions of a loved-one’s ashes assures that family memories will always be nearby for those wanting to preserve them’


At Urns UK we have on offer a vast range of cremation jewellery including:

Ashes Pendants | Ashes Bracelets | Ashes Charms | Ashes Keyrings | Mens Cremation Jewellery | Baby Ashes Jewellery.

You can be sure to receive good quality cremation jewellery at affordable prices and more importantly, an after sales service that has given us a reputation to be proud of.

People have used ashes jewellery for centuries as it has always been a way of honouring a loved one and keeping them close. Cremation Jewellery offers a source of consolation for the wearer and many have found this very helpful during very difficult times.  The most attractive aspect of cremation jewellery is that it is so discreet and only the wearer knows it’s contents.

To put it simply cremation jewellery is a memorial keepsake which has a small cavity which can hold a tiny portion of your loved ones ashes. The size of the cavity is variable, but typically holds approximately a quarter of a teaspoon.  Ashes jewellery can also be used to hold fur, hair and even soil from a sacred place.

Although, cremation jewellery is designed to be worn, many choose to store or display it. If you have any questions regarding our products please don't hesitate to contact us.

We hope you find a fitting tribute for your love one.

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